Black Pistol Fire Featured In Forbes

June 22, 2016

Eric and Kevin from Black Pistol Fire were recently interviewed by Forbes about winning over their fans the old fashioned way. 

“Artist development is the best way for a long career, it’s not a flash in the pan type thing,” Owen says. “The hardest thing to do is if it’s a room of 20 or 30 people to keep their attention rather than a room of hundreds or thousands. It’s easier with the energy in the room, people are there to see you. But if you have to command attention and really entertain 30 or 40 people it makes it good for the long run.”

McKeown welcomes that task of having to win over crowds that are either indifferent or unaware of Black Pistol Fire. “We kind of like those shows, even last night when we were opening for the Orwells there was a few of our fans, but the majority were there for the Orwells,” he says. “I like that challenge of trying to get their attention, to grab them by their collars and try to convince them. Hopefully by the end of the set people are like, ‘S***, I dug them.’ With a lot of opening slots too that’s what it is, you got 30 minutes to show them you’re worth vesting in.”

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