Walker Lukens has been called ‘one of the best songwriters in Texas’. The Austin-based, Houston-bred singer, multi-instrumentalist has been called ‘wonderfully inventive’, a ‘non-sexually intimidating version of Prince’, and a ‘veteran balladeer with sudden indie rock ambitions’. Walker thinks it’s important that you realize his name is not Walter. ​​

In 2013, he released his first full length record, Devoted. It received praise from outlets like NPR’s All Songs Considered, American Songwriter, Austin American Statesman, Austin Chronicle, and Billboard and took Lukens and his backing band, The Side Arms, all over the US.

After meeting Spoon drummer Jim Eno in a bar, Walker & The Side Arms started recording new music at with him at his studio, Public Hi-Fi. Their first collaboration, ‘Every Night,’ has been streamed almost a million times now. Their second collaboration, ‘Lifted’ from Never Understood EP spent 8 weeks on the specialty commercial radio charts. Another EP, Ain't Got A Reason, soon followed in April of 2017 and garnered Walker spots at festivals across the country like Bonnaroo, Firefly, Austin City Limits Festival, Free Press Summerfest, Middle of the Map, Underground Music Showcase. His second full length, Tell It To The Judge, will be released on September 22, 2017 on Modern Outsider.

"The 11-track set holds true to Lukens' penchant for blending genres and techniques, from rootsy organic to ambient electronic. But this time out he's also incorporating influences from musical corners that the Austin, Texas-based auteur once had no use for in his creative sphere." - Billboard

"This is an appealing, accessible and yet experimental record that should instantly should earn new fans, from the groovy, woozy quality of “The Touch” to the gloriously vintage tone of “Simple Man.” Somehow Lukens can create something that sounds both familiar and outside the box at the same time.” - ABC News

“Lukens has placed himself smack in the middle of the playing field with this new track that I can’t stop listening to. This is what it would be like if Prince had a baby with the Talking Heads, let Spoon raise it and named it Walker Lukens.” – Culture Collide

"The singer-songwriter’s voice strikes the perfect balance between soul and sass, riding high above a funky bassline that definitely owes a bit to Spoon’s influence." -- Consequence Of Sound

"If you don’t find yourself smashing the replay button immediately, then your resolve is stronger than mine." - UPROXX

"Walker’s voice is...exactly what one thinks of when you want a proper old school charm blended with modern touches and a whole lot of mature rebelliousness...." - Wolf In A Suit

"So, I get this CD in by Walker Lukens, I've never heard of him...I listened to it, and it was so good. I listened to it, and I thought, I've got to listen to this again. Maybe I'm just in a really good mood. And nope, it holds up. Even on my worst days, this is a fantastic record." -- NPR All Songs Considered (Robin Hilton)

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