Spacey but not alienating, loud yet still light, painting panoramic sound against a moving melodic backdrop... Moving Panoramas is a dream gaze project from Austin, Texas, led by songwriter, Leslie Sisson.

It all began in Brooklyn, where Leslie was living while playing in The Wooden Birds. She came back to her home state of Texas to be closer to her family after surviving a series of life-changing events. Picking up the pieces, she took a job teaching music in Austin. Playing music on a daily basis helped save her, writing a slew of healing tunes that became the debut LP One, released on Austin's Modern Outsider Records in October 2015.

Recording with Louie Lino at Resonate in Austin, Leslie recruited former film grad school classmate and Black Forest Fire bandmate on drums, Karen Skloss, and her music student on bass, Rozie Castoe. Along the way, bassists Geena Spigarelli (JWC III, Christy Hayes & Caliche) and Ryan Fitzgibbon (US Weekly, Baby Bleu) have helped the live and touring set, followed by Jolie Cota Flink (Mean Jolene), currently on bass.

Aside from The Wooden Birds and solo work, Leslie's history includes time in Matt Pond PA, Aero Wave, Western Keys, Black Lipstick, Black Forest Fire, The Killing Fields, Tanworth-in-Arden, with guest performances for American Analog Set, Windsor for the Derby, Rhythm of Black Lines, Mark Gardener of Ride, Dan Mangan, John Wesley Coleman, and Broken Social Scene. She also toured as crew for Vampire Weekend, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, and Sons and Daughters.


"Transportive albums are rare. From the outset of the opening title track – where one becomes a number of singular independence and strength – the Austin trio lures the listener into an anesthetic dream of enveloping chords melting against hypnotic rhythms." - Austin Chronicle

"Dislocation and communication are the main lyrical concerns on One, only enhanced by the band’s timeless merging of ’60s girl-group sweetness with ’80s chilliness. The lonely signals beamed out on “Radar” only get engulfed by reverb, which acts like both a dramatic foil and a fourth member in the band. Time and again, Moving Panoramas prove that even the smallest of movements can make the biggest of ripples." - KUTX

"Austin’s Moving Panoramas make hazy psych pop with the kind of intricate harmonies that instantly elevate things a couple inches off the ground." - Brooklyn Vegan

"They’re in Warpaint’s ballpark, or Best Coast’s hazy dreampop territory, only, as we say, light on the haze." - The Guardian

"The title-track opener takes its cues from bands like Galaxie 500, Low, or Cocteau Twins, delivering hooks through harmonies, atmosphere, and Sisson's snaking guitar lines." - NPR Songs We Love

"...the dream gaze trio Moving Panoramas, who have been honing an expansive sound that is rooted in slithering guitar-work and crisp vocals." - KCRW

"Similar to the hooky, gentle power pop of Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast, and looking back further, the Aislers Set, Austin-based band Moving Panoramas waste no time creating a niche for themselves within that style on their debut album One." - PopMatters

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